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Katsura Linen/Room Spray

Katsura Linen/Room Spray

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Add your favorite scent to your ENTIRE home!

With our luxury room sprays

•vegan•cruelty free•Body safe

The name Katsura derives from the Katsura tree, native to China and Japan.

The tree is known for its bold colors in the fall and even more it’s bold scent in the fall. 

The scent has been described as cotton candy, marshmallow whip and even caramel and sugar.

This scent is all of the above:

  • Orange blossom petals, warm marshmallow whip and caramelized sugar.
  • An appealing, exotic, sensual scent that is equally sweet and playful. Great for day and night.
  • Inspired by travel and our love for all the sweet things in life.



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Store in a dark place.

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