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Black Sea Candle 7oz

Black Sea Candle 7oz

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The Black Sea is nearly landlocked if not for the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as the Dead Sea. One of the fascinating features of the Black Sea is its lack of oxygen, as oxygen can only be dissolved in the sea's upper levels, everything below a depth of about 230-330 is basically a dead zone. For that it is known as calming, mysterious and serene! 


This scent boast all the mystery and inspiration from this mystical sea.

An oceanic and salty fragrance. 

Eucalyptus and Plum keep the scent airy for that salty ocean breeze feel while  Sea Salt, Musk and Petitgrain making it a dark and delightful modern mystery! 

A bestselling mans scent. 

Over 40 hours of burn with guided candle care instructions. 


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Care Instructions

Store in a dark place.

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